Tapjoy is an award winning Mobile Ad Network based in San Francisco. Winners of the prestigious Mobi Award for Best Ad Network 2012, Tapjoy is widely recognised as a real force in the mobile media world. If you are an app developer looking to increase your installs, then Tapjoy can get you to where you want to be. With a network that spans over 1 billion devices, you can see the potential consumers that this company can help to discover your app. You can also use Tapjoy to increase the monetization of your app through their featured ad units through which advertisers will pay you good money to advertise on your app.

Tapjoy provides a fantastic range of advertising solutions, including CPV Video, Pay per install ad network for your app and pay per engagement ads which will ensure that your users keep coming back for more. If you are looking for an award winning and highly respected company to boost your ROI, then Tapjoy is the company for you and the stats speak for themselves:

  • Monthly Global Reach of 339 million
  • Over 1 billion devices
  • Network of over 20,000 apps
  • Mobi Award Winners for Best Ad Network
  • Named #1 most innovative in the gaming category by Fast Company



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