Data-driven app marketing platform

Trademob uses data to optimize mobile media buying and app promotion.  With over one hundred mobile ad networks it is hard for mobile app developers to understand the mobile advertising market.  This leads to poorly optimized marketing investment.   Using analytics and data Trademob maximises the impact of mobile ad spent and increases conversions.

Instead of managing accounts across multiple ad networks, exchanges and DSPs use Trademob to provide a single billing, tracking and reporting dashboard.  International promotion of mobile apps and games.  Single SDK for tracking instead of managing multiple pixels and tracking codes.

With over 2/3 of all paid installs resulting one or less opens Trademob allows you to understand beyond cost per click and cost per download and look at actual in-app spending and activity e.g. registration or other events.  Trademob can also help to combat click fraud by running its own blacklists of publishers and sources and actively checking for dubious activity.  All this analysis takes place in real time, impression by impression which results in a much more efficient allocation of marketing spend and a huge increase in ROI.

  • Trademob selects ad networks and sources that match your audience and campaign objectives
  • Optimize against multiple parameters including day part, creative, OS, device

Trademob complies with European privacy laws, offering a solution that respects personal data.


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