Avazu mDSP’s April Promotion: The More You Spend, the Higher the Rebate


The best things are always ahead of us! Apart from the POP promotion we just launched, Avazu mDSP will offer a second April rebate promotion for you. This time, with bigger inventories (Mobfox/OpenX/SmartB/Advangelists/AOL (Nexage), more campaign types (Banner/JS tag/iFrame/MRAID/Native/Video), and we’ll make sure you’ll get the best traffic and the biggest sales! The rebate percentage ranges from 4% – 9% – the more you spend on our platform, the higher rebate you will get! Date: April 1, 2017- April 30, 2017 Content: Avazu mDSP will offer global customers a rebate promotion available for all types of Campaigns (including display Banner, JS tag/iFrame/MRAID Banner and Native/Video campaign) on selected traffic channels (including Mobfox, SmartB, OpenX, Advangelists and AOL(Nexage)) on our platform. For instance, if one client

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The Mobile Ad Mediation Router- “ More than optimization!”

I’m Mustafa Can Gokcel, working as a business developer in adMOST for 8 months. Responsible for the publisher and network relations and managing new business development, optimization and integration processes.  Contact: mustafa@admost.com Skype: mustafa.gokcel@kokteyl.com  The mobile advertising market continues its rapid growth and seems that the market will become more competitive with the increasing number of publishers and ad networks. Ad networks seek new opportunities, new solutions for the publishers to sell more inventory and get more conversion. On the other side, publishers put more effort to increase their mobile earnings through programmatic advertising, and demand higher eCPM and fill rate from the ad networks. High volume trafficked publishers distribute their traffic to multiple ad networks to yield better monetization. Tracking all these networks’ data regularly, keep all

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Top Mobile Marketing Companies for Buying Installs and Acquiring Loyal Users

Mobile Marketing concept illustration

Mobile marketing is often a core part of a businesses overall marketing strategy. That’s because smartphone and tablet use is still on the rise. This year, over a third of the world’s population (2.4 billion people) will own a smartphone, according to projections by Statista. And it’s apps that are getting the most attention. According to eMarketer, US consumers spend 86% of their smartphone time in-app rather than on mobile web. Advertising on mobile is now crucial to reach consumers using apps like Facebook and Gmail. However, consumers aren’t simply ditching their laptops for mobile. They’re accessing content across more screens than ever before. Sixty four percent of internet users still name a laptop, desktop or tablet as the most important device for going online.

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A List of Mobile Advertising Services


Now that most of us are officially mobile-first internet users, how is the mobile advertising industry responding? A report by comScore reveals that 65% of digital media time is spent on mobile, largely driven by smartphone app usage (consumers spend 85% of their time on smartphones in apps, according to Forrester Research). It’s no surprise then that mobile advertising spend has soared. The latest figures from IAB UK show that in 2015, mobile ad spend grew by 60% (from the previous year) to reach a whopping £2.6 billion. Mobile advertising can include anything from video ads and mobile website display to in-app ads. The very nature of mobile (as a personal device) calls for a personalised approach with precisely targeted advertising campaigns for the best

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How To Buy App Install Ads on YouTube


In the last post of our series on buying app install ads on the major social media platforms, we take a look at YouTube TrueView mobile app install ads. The principle of these ads is simple: Getting viewers to watch, not skip your ad for your app. The reason TrueView install ads to developers is because users are able to click and install the app directly from the ad running on YouTube, rather than being directed to a download page. It’s that seamless. And the power of sight, sound and motion makes YouTubers twice more likely to download apps. With TrueView, advertisers can reach potential customers based on their interests, previously-watched videos and demographics. Google’s research for TrueView ads claims that 80% of its consumers preferred

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How to Buy App Install Ads on Twitter


Because 80% of Twitter’s users  (Twitter internal data, 2014) accesses its platform from a mobile device, mobile application developers have a huge opportunity to reach a relevant audience. Here is our guide to help boost your app installs and engagements on the micro-blogging platform, by getting people to download and open your mobile app from directly within a Tweet. Setting Up Your Twitter Account Ok, presuming you already have your app on the App Store and/or Google Play, what you need to do next is setup a Twitter business account. Remember the basics: every element of your profile: your photo, header bio and pinned Tweet,  should reflect your business identity and personality. Use them to showcase your best content.  Here is a useful video on how to

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How to Buy App Install Ads on Google

google main2

In the third of our series on buying app install ads on the major social media platforms, we take a look at Google in order to help you to place your ad for your app on the network that reaches an estimated 1.17 billion unique search engine users a month. Setting Up and Creating Your Ad Campaign Firstly you need your app available in the App Store and on Google Play. If you’re new to AdWords, visit AdWords and click Get Started Now to create your account. From there Google will guide you through the process and help you setup your first campaign. Tip: Before considering any type of app promotion, it’s worthwhile to ensure that your app store SEO is finely tuned. It’s also worthwhile

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How to Buy App Install Ads on Facebook

Credit: Facebook

Following on from our recent Guide to App Install Advertising on Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter, we thought it would be useful to  go into a little more detail and look at how to buy  app installs on each of these platforms. So first of all we are going to look at Facebook and all you need to know to place your ad for your app on the network that reaches an estimated 1.2 Billion or 82% of mobile users. Setting up your Facebook Ad Account First things first. Your app must be available in the Apple App or Google Play store. If you haven’t already you need to set up a Facebook Ad account, which is relatively easy if you follow Facebook’s own guide lines. Simply add in

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The 7 Secrets of Mobile Ad Networks

Top Secret

Mobile ad networks provide mobile advertisers and publishers with ways to increase their brand identity and monetise their apps. But maybe not everything is as straightforward as it seems… Here are 7 secrets of mobile ad networks that you might not have known, written by an anonymous contributor – can you guess who it is? Of course not all mobile ad networks are the same and some are better than others but it pays to know their secrets … 1. They don’t own all their traffic Some ad networks claim that a large amount of their traffic is owned by them. But that’s usually by adding all their partners’ traffic together as well. 2. Their tracking tools aren’t always accurate Cookie tracking doesn’t work in the mobile format. So

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