Google reveals app re-engagement and YouTube app install ads


Google has announced a few new ad products designed to help app marketers, including app install units for YouTube and re-engagement ads on mobile search. The search giant has broken down its new app-focused products into three categories: Discovery, Re-engagement and Measurement. When it comes to ‘discovery,’ app marketers can now take advantage of a enhanced targeting on AdMob based on Google Play insights, which allows advertisers to target customers based on the apps they use, the frequency of use and the types of in-app purchases they make. Advertisers can also leverage Google Play insights to get suggested keywords to help drive downloads via mobile search. For instance, Google says a hotel app advertiser will get suggestions based on popular keywords used for hotel app

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The best mobile advertising networks 2012

best mobile ad networks 2012

      So what is the best mobile advertising network to use if you’re a developer, mobile publisher or advertiser?  When deciding which mobile ad network to work with, many publishers and advertisers will be tempted to go with the most recognised names. But the truth is choosing the best mobile advertising network is a bit more complicated than making a beeline for the biggest kid on the block. Figures on which networks offer advertisers the most reach, and publishers the most revenue, are not always reliable or indeed available. In fact, because of the scarcity of verifiable figures, no one really knows which network is even the biggest. So when choosing an ad network your best bet is to look at the differentiators

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Mobile marketing for the online casino industry – iphone, ipad or i dont know?

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This is an article which will be out soon in igaming magazine – publishing here as they don’t have a digital service.  It basically looks at what the opportunities are in mobile marketing for the online casino and gaming sector. Mobile marketing for the online casino industry – iphone, ipad or i dont know? According to the Wall St Analyst Mary Meeker, mobile represents a new wave of computing, on a par with previous technological cycles such as the desktop PC revolution.  She predicts that within the next five years more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices than desktop PCs”.  Her most recent report points out that whilst some companies will “Win Big” from mobile, others will get left behind and will

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