Amethon is a high grade mobile analytics solution which offers much greater detail and accuracy compared to the free options such as admob.


Web statistics and analytics are an integral part of any internet and intranet site, providing invaluable information such as unique visitors, hits and click paths to brand and content owners. Unfortunately the standard technology underpinning these analytical tools cannot be fully applied to mobile portals and mobile internet browsing due to the inherent limitations and variations in mobile phone browsers.

Amethon’s Mobile Analytics family of products has been developed to address this requirement through its ‘off the wire’ capture technology. Designed to be integrated into the mobile operator or content provider/aggregator’s network it provides near real-time analysis of mobile subscriber browsing activity and trends.

How it works

Rather than relying on logfile analysis, embedded artifacts or client-side java scripts, Mobile Analytics captures the underlying TCP/IP traffic allowing analysis of HTTP, WAP and other relevant protocols. Statistics are then generated and presented via a comprehensive web-based reporting tool.

The types of statistics provided includes:

  • Bandwidth (total, average per visit, total per file type)
  • Hits (average per visit, number of downloads, page view breakdown)
  • Visits (entry page, average duration, click paths, referring search engine)
  • Visitors (browser type, user agent, operating system)
  • Handsets (make, model, screen resolution)
  • Mobile Operator (country of origin, operator name)
  • Geo Location (country of origin, RDNS lookup)
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